Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sweet 16 Hope Chest

This project was something I put together for my daughter's sweet 16. It was time consuming but a lot of fun. It was definitely a challenge!



What a transformation! And it was so much fun, too! Here are some more pics from different angles and other sides of the chest. 

So, I purchased 12 x 12 sheets of papers with different designs from Barnes & Nobles and used the Cameo to cut them out. I used a decoupage technique to glue the pieces onto my newly finished chest, which I bleached, primed, and painted with a homemade crackle recipe. There was a lot of prep work involved but it was totally worth it. Then I used my Cami to cut the black vinyl shapes and stuck those on as well. The travel log on the inside of the top of the chest was cut out from one of the sheets and I filled it in with places that my daughter has been in her lifetime. 

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