Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Personalized Wine Label

This was a HUGE hit! I wanted to make my mother and stepfather a sentimental gift for their anniversary so I decided to take one of their homemade wine bottles and create a special label just for them using my Cameo. It turned out that they had actually created their own "crest" for their relationship, like a family crest. So I spent forever in the design store searching for the perfect label that would suit their "crest" and I do believe I found it because they were absolutely thrilled with it! I was quite pleased myself ;) 

Here it is:

The detail was great and the final product was BEAUTIFUL!

Issues that I had with this:

  • The paper wasn't coming off very well (I'm thinking I did not have the correct blade selected). 
  • It took patience peeling off each little square and laying it out while the paper kept sticking to the bottle.
  • The printed image kept trying to rub off of the gold foil. This may be an issue with using a laser printer on gold foil? I have yet to go back and do this project again but I think the issue is not the paper but it may be my printer. IF it is the paper, they should not label it "printable" foil. But, as I said, I think it is the printer.
  • Centering

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