Friday, January 29, 2016


Here's a cute little cookie box I did for the kids' bake sale. The tags were much larger than anticipated.  I seem to be struggling with geometry,  lol.

Christmas Ornaments

The school was raising funds for the music department and wanted to sell Christmas ornaments. The theme was a Victorian Christmas. These were some of the things I used to put ornaments together.

Birthday Card

Made this for my manager for her birthday. The biggest problem I had making this card was gluing down the cut page.  1) It was metallic so it didn't want to stick. 2) I used a glue stick which made quite a mess.  I may have to start buying adhesive backed paper in all colors and go that route (still working on that). I tried to get all fancy and make myself a fancy label (to make it look more professional) but I had issues printing on the silhouette brand foil paper. I think it may be the type of printer I'm using.  I had the same issue when I printed on the gold foil as well.


So, my daughter just had her first baby. I decided to try my hand at making things from scratch. Everything turned out great but it was very time consuming. I'll have to find a way to do things faster if I ever decide to do more than crafting for fun. Some of these items didn't get made on my cameo but I am finding it easier to design using my cameo than using microsoft word. I find this strange; maybe it's because I'm not very good at word? is a picture of a game that I made. We painted clothespins orange and added black stripes to make tigger tails. I believe I used word for this but printed on my standard card stock that I use for all of my silhouette projects. The frame I picked up at a yard sale. 

The next one was a game I made that I titled, "What's in the Bag?" 

Next we have Bingo, the Price is Right (I didn't have any blank ones left to show so here's a used one left over from the shower) and a Vintage Nursery Rhyme Game. I got the ideas from pinterest and other sources online and started from scratch. I ran out of creme colored paper so I just did the vintage nursery rhyme game on white card stock. It still looked nice. The blue strip, however, was a result of dirty print heads. I'm not a professional and ran short on time. 

Nice artwork by the bingo Player! 

Moving along now...this was my favorite thing of all. It's a baby wish card that each guest filled out for the baby. I used kind of a scallop cut and added little yellow ribbon. SUPER CUTE!!

As a party favor I made these adorable tea bags. I went to the all natural organic store and bought fresh chamomile for tea and bagged it in string tea bags I purchased online. The boxes fit two bags per box. I attached little tags to each bag labeling the type of tea it was (but I forgot to take a picture of the inside). I used my silhouette to cut out the boxes and all of the tags and tied on a honey stick to each one. This was a fun item to make and looked very nice when completed. Doesn't it look great?!

Another thing that I made was a banner but I wasn't able to a photo of it :-( I found a little Whinnie the Pooh book at Goodwill and tore out the pages. Walmart had these adorable tiny wooden clothes pins in their party section and I used those to attach the pages to some yellow ribbon I picked up at the Dollar Tree. It was pretty cool. Here's a photo, intentionally unclear so I don't identify anyone who doesn't want their photo posted online. You can see the banner hanging above their heads.

Just for fun I'll share the food table. Again, I got the ideas from Pinterest. I made cute little wooden signs to label the foods and had the cake special ordered. My talented 13 year old daughter made the cupcakes. What a doll! Overall we were pleased with how things turned out. Could have been more organized but a lot of thought and effort went into it all and it was much appreciated; what more can you ask for? :-)

Missed Projects

Well, it looks as though I have gotten a wee bit behind. Eventually, I will come back and go over HOW I did these projects. One nice thing about doing this blog and posting my projects is that when I look back I can see my progress, my mistakes, and the things that I am proud of. I have found better ways to do things and it's nice to be able to reflect on this. I hope that you also will be able to learn from my mistakes in order to prevent you from making the same mistakes the first time. So, I'll be posting some of my most recent projects since the last blog. The problem with my projects is that many of them are being done on the fly. The baby shower projects, however, I tried to do ahead of time and was inconsistent in taking photos. 

As you can see in the photo below, my lines are much straighter. I finally figured out that you are supposed to use contact paper! What a goof! Talk about making a difference! It was amazing how much easier, and nicer, my mirror came out once I figured this out! Just compare the pictures and you will see for yourself!