Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fundraiser Signs

So, this was one of the first projects I did:

My daughter was raising money to go to Disneyland with her choir. I used red cardstock for the red letters, construction paper for the castle, and adhesive backed black vinyl for the rest of the decorations. The picture does not do it justice.

The vinyl is difficult to work with and takes much patience. Luckily, I have the hook tool and the scraper tools; they helped tremendously. I completely loved how the castle turned out! The biggest issue I had, besides the vinyl sticking to itself, was lining up my words. I am still having a difficult time with this but eventually I will gain enough patience and it will be perfect! This is where letting your kids join in on the fun pays off; you can blame them for the crooked letters ;-) My favorite part was the amount of time this poster took to make. With experience I could probably have this done in like 10 minutes! It was really more like half an hour, though. It would have taken me FOREVER to cut all of this out by hand! 

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