Friday, January 29, 2016

Missed Projects

Well, it looks as though I have gotten a wee bit behind. Eventually, I will come back and go over HOW I did these projects. One nice thing about doing this blog and posting my projects is that when I look back I can see my progress, my mistakes, and the things that I am proud of. I have found better ways to do things and it's nice to be able to reflect on this. I hope that you also will be able to learn from my mistakes in order to prevent you from making the same mistakes the first time. So, I'll be posting some of my most recent projects since the last blog. The problem with my projects is that many of them are being done on the fly. The baby shower projects, however, I tried to do ahead of time and was inconsistent in taking photos. 

As you can see in the photo below, my lines are much straighter. I finally figured out that you are supposed to use contact paper! What a goof! Talk about making a difference! It was amazing how much easier, and nicer, my mirror came out once I figured this out! Just compare the pictures and you will see for yourself!

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