Friday, January 29, 2016


So, my daughter just had her first baby. I decided to try my hand at making things from scratch. Everything turned out great but it was very time consuming. I'll have to find a way to do things faster if I ever decide to do more than crafting for fun. Some of these items didn't get made on my cameo but I am finding it easier to design using my cameo than using microsoft word. I find this strange; maybe it's because I'm not very good at word? is a picture of a game that I made. We painted clothespins orange and added black stripes to make tigger tails. I believe I used word for this but printed on my standard card stock that I use for all of my silhouette projects. The frame I picked up at a yard sale. 

The next one was a game I made that I titled, "What's in the Bag?" 

Next we have Bingo, the Price is Right (I didn't have any blank ones left to show so here's a used one left over from the shower) and a Vintage Nursery Rhyme Game. I got the ideas from pinterest and other sources online and started from scratch. I ran out of creme colored paper so I just did the vintage nursery rhyme game on white card stock. It still looked nice. The blue strip, however, was a result of dirty print heads. I'm not a professional and ran short on time. 

Nice artwork by the bingo Player! 

Moving along now...this was my favorite thing of all. It's a baby wish card that each guest filled out for the baby. I used kind of a scallop cut and added little yellow ribbon. SUPER CUTE!!

As a party favor I made these adorable tea bags. I went to the all natural organic store and bought fresh chamomile for tea and bagged it in string tea bags I purchased online. The boxes fit two bags per box. I attached little tags to each bag labeling the type of tea it was (but I forgot to take a picture of the inside). I used my silhouette to cut out the boxes and all of the tags and tied on a honey stick to each one. This was a fun item to make and looked very nice when completed. Doesn't it look great?!

Another thing that I made was a banner but I wasn't able to a photo of it :-( I found a little Whinnie the Pooh book at Goodwill and tore out the pages. Walmart had these adorable tiny wooden clothes pins in their party section and I used those to attach the pages to some yellow ribbon I picked up at the Dollar Tree. It was pretty cool. Here's a photo, intentionally unclear so I don't identify anyone who doesn't want their photo posted online. You can see the banner hanging above their heads.

Just for fun I'll share the food table. Again, I got the ideas from Pinterest. I made cute little wooden signs to label the foods and had the cake special ordered. My talented 13 year old daughter made the cupcakes. What a doll! Overall we were pleased with how things turned out. Could have been more organized but a lot of thought and effort went into it all and it was much appreciated; what more can you ask for? :-)

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